Crime Fiction: Half Moon Bay: Drug smuggling catholic saints investing into America's future     

Learn how Silicon Valley started raising capital. In this book you will see our main character Rick transform into a Saintly figure by God and attempt to take his rightful position at the head of God's drug smuggling ring.

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Half Moon Bay Part I

What will we see in this thriller…

  • Rick loses his father, and God that uses the Catholic Church to smuggle drugs offers him a job.

  • He must choose to live the life he used to know, face being homeless, or become a Saint in Gods drug smuggling circle, with the other Saints.

  • He accepts his new life as a Saint, being baptized St. James, and using the Catholic Church as a cover to smuggle drugs into Half Moon Bay, CA.

  • Rick tries to find out what truly has happened to his father as he runs into a Detective that offers him different information on the organization that his father was working for.

  • The goal is set to invest into America's future and smuggle a tanker full of drugs into Half Moon Bay during the Super Bowl. All the while trying to elude the FBI, and finding out what really happened to his father to reconnect with his past.

  • An excerpt from this crime fiction story...

    The moonlight hits St. James softly in the face lighting his way as he walks toward dock number 2311. Over at the dock, the boats are parted with the moonlight as it shines off the darkened water and moves in a dance along with the boats. 

    He looks at the paper from God, and holds his wrist to the scanner at the gate. The dock creaks as he walks toward the Old Endeavor yacht. Sister Maria opens the hatch and looks at him. The moonlight sparkles in her eyes, as they share a compassionate smile.
    "I've been waiting on you," Sister Maria says.
    St. James follows Sister Maria into the living quarters of the yacht. St. Peter smiles and hands him a bible. St. James opens it and reveals a half-pound of marijuana. "Welcome to the family," St. Peter says, with an enlarged smile. The three of them pack bibles filled with drugs into boxes.

    This is part I of III.
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