The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight     

Cassandra Exodus and James McAllister were once madly in love. As two of the most powerful sorcerers of the modern era, they founded a secret school where young witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures could hone and control their unpredictable, deadly powers. But a slowly evolving difference in philosophy has turned these two former lovers into bitter adversaries. Cassandra and James will have to learn to coexist, however, if they are to overcome an existential threat that threatens to swallow their world in shadow: paranormal genocide.

After a slew of deadly witch-on-human attacks, the United States has started a policy of incarcerating all unregistered magical creatures. And those who refuse to cooperate are promptly hunted down and executed by an army of highly-advanced robots called Paranormal X-Terminators. Can Cassandra and James cast aside their virulent animosity and work as a team to save their fellow witches and wizards from extinction? Or will their destructive relationship lead to the annihilation of all magical creatures… and perhaps the entire world? 

Clocking in at well over 1,000 pages, The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight is a sprawling, global epic that spans decades. Prepare to enter a world of magic, menace, and chaos. This is the electrifying tale of a world, and a timeless, magical romance, on the verge of catastrophic collapse.

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