Ellipsis (Creators of Six Book 1)


“Remember that actions have consequences, boy.”

The Calamity changed the world completely as gods, created by the six, battled for control of the World. The creators ended the war by exterminating the god’s children that fought for power. With the gods now banished from the world, the mortal race had to fend for themselves.

Centuries later, Weaver Rizer is born in the capital city of Ellipsis. Due to his father's unexpected death, Weaver and his mother are left to run a brothel in his place. Under the same mysterious circumstances, his Mother dies some years later. But instead of closure, he only received more questions. He receives a living stone that embeds itself into his skin. 

With the new stone and his best friend’s sudden resignation, Weaver begins to lose his grasp on life. When Weaver challenges the wrong man, it causes the destruction of everything he once knew. He then learns, he only meant to deliver the stone to another. He travels across Ellipsis, towards a rebellion that might hold the key to keeping a restless god from awaking. But it will also lead to his death, confirmed by the god of Ellipsis himself.

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