Battle Group Titan: Beyond Warp ((Battle Group Titan Series Vol 1))     

Epic Space Battles

Battle Group Titan is about how ruthless enemies fought off with weapons born out of necessity, and treacherous relationships with aliens who turn on their friends when they are the most vulnerable. Read how Commander Will Inman’s outnumbered fleet battles technologically advanced races.

A Technology Driven Space Opera

Battle Group Titan is about harnessing the power of the dimensions within a particle. It’s about greatly extended life and the development of dimensional weapons. It’s about traversing galaxies at speeds attained with the use of stolen faster than light technology.

Life on The Edge of Your Seat

Battle Group Titan is about building a massive fleet while exploring other worlds and galaxies in the vacuum of time. It’s about the devastating loss of life in light of near immortality. It’s about the treachery of Earth’s corrupt leadership and how great men and women risk the fate of the entire fleet to save humanity.