Halloween in Sickmans Lane


Halloween is an ancient pre-christian fesival; and, strange supernatural and paranormal things can, and sometimes do, happen. To paraphrase the closing lines of an old Scottish poem, on Halloween, there may be Ghosties and Goulies and long leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night" In the year 1651, the Black Death plague paid a visit to the city of Liverpool, in the UK. Near today's modern city centre is Addison Street; which, in 1651, because of the hundreds of deaths caused by the plague, was known as Sickmans Lane. 
This was due to the fact that so many people died from the plague, in the same street, that mass graves had to be dug to bury them. These graves were known as Plague Pits. However, as the years went by, the exact location of the plague pits became forgotten, and dwelling houses were built above them. 
Belive the unbelievable, imagine the unimaginable, accept the unacceptable.This fictional story chronicles what happened, or could have happened, to a family on a Halloween night in Addison Street, in the city of Liverpool. Until recent years, there actually was a church called the Church of the Holy Cross, in nearby Fontenoy Street, however, the old church was demolished, in 2004.