Embracing the Lions Anointing

WARNING: Not for the Faint!
*Study Guide Included
Determined. Bold. Fierce. Protector. Beautiful.
These are all adjectives of the lion. They are also adjectives of what lies within you. The same anointing on Jesus "The Lion of Judah" is also on you. 

Do you know you are anointed to roar? You have a powerful voice waiting to be recognized. Do you know your vision is anointed? As you gain focus, you will also discover you are anointed to protect, lead, and fight in battles. You are anointed for different seasons and there is a way to measure your success. 

How can we receive God's anointing for every area of our lives? What is God's anointing and how can we embrace it? This book was written with the intention of helping you unlock what God has already given you. With the Bible in one hand and countless hours of lion research in the other, it has married the two, showing the parallels between the African lions and our Lion--God. 

Written from a heart of rare authenticity, be advised the intention is for breakthrough. Read with an expectancy--of confirmation and transformation. Through this book you will gain an understanding of the Lion's anointing. You wil be empowered to embrace it and fulfill your destiny in Christ.