Vandervilles: Book 1 : When Beauty Met The Beast     

Betrayal! Obsession! Revenge! Can love conquer all? 

Deep beneath the veneer of luxury, beauty, and wealth, lie secrets that could be used to destroy the Vanderville family. Secrets that a cold, calculating, and vengeful person has been collecting, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to exact a cruel and painful revenge…

Rejections Turn to Romance?

An obsession brews into a whirlwind romance that threatens to be torn apart by a bad boy’s bad habits. Will a love so passionate yet unstable be able to withstand the turmoil that’s sure to blossom from a plot for revenge?

Double Betrayal Despair

Waiting for a wedding proposal, Taylor is instead handed betrayal. Her cheating father betrays his wife and shatters his daughter’s heart at the same moment she discovers the man she loves has been lying to her. 

Careers Hang In The Balance

What do the Vanderville Matriarch’s powerful position in the fashion industry, A greedy States Attorney, and a budding creative director all have in common? Careers compromised by the cold hunger of a vengeful person.
Surrender yourself to the gripping story surrounding the Vanderville Family and their friends. Discover for yourself if love, both romantic and familial, can survive the frigid reality of betrayal and revenge....

Books in Series: 

Book 1 - When Beauty Met The Beast
Book 2- Secrets and Lies 
Book 3- Into The Rabbit Hole

All will be out by 30th September 2017 Preorder dates to follow ...

Please note that this is a trilogy and all books must be read in order. 
Book 1 continues into Book 2 and the story concludes in Book 3 where there will be a HEA and no further cliffhangers. 

IMPORTANT: REVISED EDITION- if you preordered this book please contact the author!

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