Off-Road Language Learning: A fun, straightforward approach to learning any language in no time     

Have you ever been curious about language learning or wanted to learn a language yourself and had no idea of where to start? Have you ever wondered how some people manage to learn 10+ languages while others struggle with one? If so, then this book is for you! Off-Road Language Learning is a fun straight forward approach to learning any language, no matter how old you are nor where you come from. In this book, you will learn essential theory that lies at the foundation of language learning. Theory that has been acquired through observations of those who have succeeded at language learning as well as from personal experiences form the author himself. In addition, you will learn how to approach language learning in fun, effective way, all while saving time. Finally, you will acquire tips, tricks and techniques that will get you started in your language journeys from day one. Whether you are just starting out with language learning or already have experience under your belt, there is something for everyone, in this book.