There and Now: True Lessons on Knowing your Child   

There and Now (Volume 1) weaves the story of a young man called Lil E and his life growing up in Philadelphia. In the mid-1970s, in inner-city Philly, was an interesting place for an African-American boy, and Lil E remembers it all.

Starting from his first memories of his time in the crib, There and Now explores every tumultuous turn in his life, from his father's custodianship to the time he set pillows on fire, his experience in daycare, going through desegregation and learning to always fight back when bullied. Because Lil E, no matter how much he grew, was always being the person everyone wanted to tease and pick on. 

But bullying was far from the only thing in Lil E's life. An adolescence built in the 1980s built and broken in the fire of crime, hip hop, the challenges of urban life, and the true nature of paternal relationships. Between the smiles of nostalgia to tears of regret, There and Now is a book that will pull you along a journey full of history and emotion.