The Guardian (The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 1)     

The Orb was created to reshape the world. The gods never intended for it to fall into mortal hands. Now it has.

A half-century ago, the gods were annihilated in a cataclysmic event known as the Sundering. In their absence, the dragon lords have struggled to maintain an uneasy peace amongst Laveria's rival kingdoms. But now the armies of the Necromancer are on the march. After the Carrion Horde sacks the city of Manherm and kills the king, the Necromancer demands a high price for peace - the Orb.

With the world falling into chaos, an unlikely alliance is formed. Thatcher, a shape-shifting dragon lord, finds himself as the leader of the resistance and races across Laveria to rally the rival kingdoms against their common foe. A young witch named Evelyn Manherm undertakes a secret mission to locate the missing Orb in the palace of her sworn enemy. And Bently Troushire - the bastard son of the king - volunteers to venture on a quest that most believe means certain death. His task - awaken the god Yansarian, the only Guardian to survive the Sundering. But in a world full of double-crossing lords nothing goes as planned. As the final battle with the Necromancer draws near, an old truth becomes apparent - sleeping gods should be left to slumber.