A Chance to Remember


Waking in the hospital, she remembered nothing – not even her name. The mysterious man that she met in the isolated woods seems to know more than he will share. As danger begins to stalk her, the past comes forward, and a decades old mystery commences to unfold. 
Will a chance to remember save them, or will it destroy them?
Danger and intrigue will lead you into a spellbinding story laced with true love. The evil that descended from four generations of deceit, regret and vengeance, reaches out to continue its destruction. The beautiful woman, Lara, must discover who she really is and whom she can trust: the enigmatic Devlin Fleming, who stole her heart, or the doctor, Jack Brantley, who claims his only concern is for her welfare. Even when her life is threatened, and she stands to lose everything, there is only one thing that matters – the truth! 

Will the unnamed girl with no past finally discover her place, and will the man beside her be her true love? The missing gold mines of the past, the glorious and priceless ruby, formed into the shape of a teardrop, and the delicate, golden, heart shaped necklace, with a mysterious inscription, are the clues that could lead to hidden secrets from the past.