Murder by Suicide (A Jack Dantzler Mystery)      

When Jack Dantzler gets word that a former detective has committed suicide, he isn’t particularly shocked. After all, it’s a well-known fact that cops have a notoriously high suicide rate. A few days later, Dantzler learns that a second ex-cop has apparently taken his own life. But this time, when Dantzler takes one look at the scene, he realizes this is no suicide. This is murder. Things become even more troubling when it is discovered that each of the dead detectives were in possession of more than one-hundred thousand dollars, more than enough to cause Dantzler to wonder how two former cops could come up with that much cash.

Julie Bradley, the author of two successful True Crime books, has been told by a source that a young woman was murdered in Lexington fifteen years ago, and the crime has never been solved. She is also given the names of six former cops who, she is told, “will be at the heart of your story.” But as Julie undertakes her research for the book, two more men are murdered, including her source for the story. Making matters worse, suddenly, Julie’s own life is in danger.

As Dantzler begins to peel away the layers surrounding this confusing mystery, he finds himself on a dark journey that leads him to a truth that is as personally shattering as it is unexpected.

Murder by Suicide proves once again why critics say “Tom Wallace excels in his ability to make his characters come alive.”