Trouble Never Looked So Good     

Tamara Wilson is a young, intelligent, attractive woman living out her childhood dream as the successful owner of her own boutique, Dream Designs. She is single with no kids and leads a relatively stress free lifestyle. At the age of 24, comfortably settled into her own luxury loft style apartment in the growing city of Charlotte. Tamara has all she could ask for, except the true love of a good man. 

Stephon “Trouble” Williams was once the rated top point guard in the borough of Queens, New York. On the court, he could do it all and even earned himself a scholarship to a prestigious college. However, being in the wrong place at the wrong time ruined Stephon’s basketball career and since then, his life hasn’t been the same. After relocating to North Carolina, Stephon wants a clean, fresh start, but trouble always seems to have a way of finding him.

After a chance encounter with Tamara, Stephon piques her interest. Before long, Tamara and Stephon are showing each other things about life, love and happiness that they didn’t know existed. However, no romance is all peaches and cream when certain things reemerge from the past. She will find out first hand if being with Stephon is worth the trouble, no matter how good it looks!