Business Turnaround Blueprint: Take Back Control of Your Business and Turnaround Any Area of Poor Performance      

Do you own a business that is struggling? 
Do you want to be able to increase profitability? 
Are you looking for proven ways to make your business succeed?

It’s a hard fact that more than 750,000 businesses will fail this year. This staggering number means that YOUR business has a high chance of failure if you don’t act now.
Business Turnaround Blueprint addresses the twelve key areas that might be causing your business to be floundering and what you can do to fix them, including:
-Improving profitability
-Increasing productivity
-Refining business processes
-And much more…
Written primarily with the business owner in mind, Business Turnaround Blueprint is equally helpful for CEOs and other high-level executives and is a must read for anyone who finds themselves in business difficulties.
Author Fred Herbert has over 40 years of business experience and can help you tackle any challenge. He has enhanced a variety of businesses with his unique skill set, from small family-owned concerns to consulting for ExxonMobil.

Get a copy of this amazing book now! Fred's business strategies will help you to improve your business situation.

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"Fred has crafted this masterpiece of a business book with easy-to-follow illustrations that lay out his brilliant strategies. Any business owner would benefit from reading only a fraction of this book and implementing just a few of his strategies. Grab your copy and dive into this goldmine of a book that could save your business and make it prosper. If you're serious about restoring and skyrocketing your business, read and start implementing Fred's strategies today."
-Ashley Emma, multi-bestselling author of Fearless Author: Prepare, Publish, and Launch Your Own eBook and Undercover Amish 

"Business Turnaround Blueprint is the perfect book for anyone who is in a business which is floundering and struggling to survive in a competitive market, where thousands of companies fail every single day.
Written with an eye for the tiniest detail, which has been the product of years of business experience, Fred Herbert somehow manages to condense and convey highly complex subject matter into short passages that are easily understood and actionable. 
This is the trick when it comes to writing books like this. High levels of experience, translated into a simple language, which can reach into the deepest crevices of any business and give you an overview of what is wrong and how you can take steps to fix it. 
The book is also well laid out, with 12 concise chapters which start where every business person should, with the right mindset, and finish where they want to be; as a success.
Very often, with books like this, you can have an author who is passing themselves off as a business guru when they have no such talent and even less for writing. 
Not so with Fred, who has a firm grasp of the English language and a good eye for detail. And in his use of bullet points, bold statements and great graphics he gets the important points across in a friendly and non-judgemental way, that is ideal for any reader."
-Russell Burgess, Author of The Traitor in The Reich