Friends in Deed: Clean, Authentic Modern Day Western       

Ricky Richardson, hard-working, honest to the core and cowboy all the way, is faced with the most severe test of his young life. His whole world comes crashing down as his beautiful wife Jessie is rushed to the hospital with a life threatening condition. As she lingers between life and death it is more than the young cowboy can bear. He needs to be there for his son and newborn daughter but the possibility of Jessie’s death weighs so heavily on his mind that he cannot function rationally. He shuts out his family and his friends, giving then every reason to abandon him in his deepest time of need. 
An emotional and heartwarming story of mistakes and redemption, of life and love and the pivotal role family and true friends play in all of our lives.

Author Interview

Author's Interview 
Q. What is the Pardner's Trust series of books? 
A. Ricky Richardson is no drug store cowboy but an honest to goodness young married man with a job to do. He must show up to work with a horse to ride but the only horse in his price range is a good horse gone bad because of the mistreatment. It is a story of trust, love, redemption and...yes, even romance. 
Q. Is it a fantasy? 
A. Not in the traditional sense of the word, it is a true to life, coming of age story, but if you've ever dreamed of owning and loving a horse, you will be carried away into your make believe world of horses and cows, cowboys and sheriffs. 
Q. How did you come to write a series of western books? 
A. I grew up in a ranching family so the subject matter was easy to come by. I also grew up reading Louis LAmour, Jack Sheaffer and Larry McMurtry. One of the highest compliments I have ever received was that my writing reminded the commenter of Jack Scheaffer. 
Q. How many books in the series are out? 
A. I currently have two books out. Pardner's Trust and Friends in Deed. The third book in the series is scheduled for a Fall 2015 release. 
Q. Do the books have to be read in order? 
A. No. Each is a stand alone with the same core characters. 
Q. We understand the books are clean with no explicit scenes or violence. Is that correct. 
A. That is absolutely correct. No sex or violence. I don't think a good book needs that.

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