Life Unbothered     

A story about panic attacks and love. 

"As a past sufferer of panic attacks, depression and anxiety, Charlie Elliott captures the real and emotional complexities behind panic disorder along with the tragedies of both mental and physical illness--all wrapped up in one page-turning novel. Tears and chuckles along the way."

As Wade Hampton's phobias almost render him housebound after a swift break-up, he decides to move from Arizona back to his hometown in California. Once there, Wade meets Sophia Syros. He is immediately attracted to her, but a severe panic attack on their first date almost does Wade in. A relationship forms between the two from opposite upbringings and Sophia agrees to help with his affliction from panic attacks, depression and impending agoraphobia. Their unlikely bond transforms abruptly to a future in doubt when Sophia is faced with a life-threatening crisis. With little support from her divided family, Wade has no choice but to tend to her. The struggle of coping with Sophia s condition unintentionally helps Wade handle the psychological battles plaguing him. Life Unbothered is a dramatic story of personal redemption.

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