Change Your Story: Change Your Brain Publication Review   

HUGEOrange Publication Review | Eidtor Janet Ruth, Penguin Books

There are many books out there about changing your life, brain chemistry, and living in the present moment (mindfulness). Change Your Story: Change Your Brain breaks the mold of the others by engaging with the reader in an easy to read collection of essays, practices, quotes, and tips. There are many examples of how changing the way you perceive and act can be practiced. Dr. Miles brings in examples of mindfulness and changing your brain chemistry and life with stories of real people, including a concentration camp prisoner and Anne Frank. 
The author, Dr. Linda Miles, has worked in the field of mental health for over thirty years as a psychotherapist, consultant, educator, and writer. Readers will benefit from her experience and compassion for mental health and self-improvement.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety or just want to live a more fulfilling life, this book is going to be a helpful companion. Dr. Miles says, “You needn’t read it in one sitting. You needn’t read it in order. This book is here as a friend, as a quiet yet uplifting conversation.” It’s a no-pressure way to learn about these methods to a better life, and really, who couldn’t improve their life? 

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