Dear Millennial,: A Compass To Defining Your Unique Purpose, Pursuing A Life Of Fulfillment, And Building A Legacy   

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You have a unique purpose. 
Dear Millennial,
What if you had a unique purpose that only you could accomplish on this earth? What if you had a compass that directed you towards the True North of that unique purpose?
This book was born out of a personal desire to call myself and my peers to a higher standard of greatness in every sphere of life. Currently, a large majority of millennials are floundering without purpose. 
It’s one of my passions to help millennials define the purpose that only they can accomplish on this earth and give them the tools to break it down into realistic action steps. It’s my hope that you will accomplish your overarching purpose while living a fulfilled life. Then with all those components in place, you can create a legacy that lasts generations beyond you! 

In Dear Millennial, you’ll find:
How to define the unique purpose that only you can accomplish
- How to create a personal mission and values to direct your life towards that purpose
- How to make a plan to accomplish your wildest dreams and goals
- How to build a legacy to last generations beyond you

Don’t waste one more day. Let’s go on this journey of defining your unique purpose, living a fulfilled life, and building a legacy together!