The District   

College is over and Thomas is about to embark on a journey of self-discovery through Europe. In the U.S., Thomas never really fit in with the crowd, but his backpacking experiences will open up his mind and his heart in ways he could never imagine.
Finding himself in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, Thomas discovers something other than the beauty and culture of the vibrant city, something he never expected in a million years. One evening, while wandering through the infamous Red Light District, Thomas stops to notice one of the women working in the windows. Elena, a prostitute from Romania, is selling her body so that she can support her family back home.
Each night while Elena performs her trade, Thomas watches from afar. One night, he builds up the courage to speak with her and at that moment he falls in love.
Will Elena reciprocate his feelings as they spend night after night talking about their lives and dreams? Is it possible for love to survive against all the odds including Thomas’ jealousy? And, more importantly, what will his family think about his choice to date a prostitute?

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