Her Crime, His Time- Terrell's Story


Her Crime, His Time is Part 1, a prequel to Want Not, Touch Not: Terrell's Story by Shashane Wallace. In Her Crime, His Time, this urban romance delves into second chance love between Terrell and the woman he has always loved since they were kids, Jaz. When a relationship between them ended because of misunderstanding, Jaz moves on to marry her husband Marcus who turns out to be a controlling and abusive husband. In the act of self defense, Jaz ends up killing her husband. Her Mr. Fix-It, Terrell walks in and decides to take the rap for the crime which earned him eight years in prison. After six years, Terrell gets out on parole, only to find out the woman he's been down for since day one, has moved on and with the worst person possible- Terrell's competitor and nemesis, War. But, if she's with War why was she still wearing his wedding ring and why hadn't she divorced him? A book of betrayal and hurt, where the characters are perfectly flawed and where love hides a multitude of wrongs.