I Am, my Life Coach


I Am my Life Coach by Adonius Johnson is a nonfiction book to guide readers through life lessons to eliminate negative thinking and behaviors, and to replace them with positive practices for readers’ physical, mental, and spiritual lives. This easy-to-read book is uplifting and encouraging, painting a picture of victory through positive energy on the road to fulfillment and success. Readers are taught principles of gratitude, overcoming fear, and the importance of learning from mistakes and never giving up. Later in the book, techniques for keeping your body healthy, using money responsibly, and improving relationships help readers act out the teaching in their own lives. Filled with scripture passages, engaging metaphors, and thought-provoking application questions, I Am my Life Coach is sure to inspire and empower readers to create positive change in their own lives. Use I Am my Life Coach as a blueprint to create your own life change!