New Assets - Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave!     

Blockchain Technology Expert, Karen New, Releases Book, New Assets: Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave!
Singapore, Singapore (October 1, 2017) – Blockchain technology expert, Karen New, has released a new book, New Assets: Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave! New Assets is based on the recent disruptions in blockchain technology and the many opportunities that abound in cryptocurrency investment. The book delivers an easy-to-follow beginner’s guide on how to ride the cryptocurrency wave and also ways to avoid scams. 
New Assets was written with the aim to inspire and educate non-tech savvy people on how to kick-start and build a portfolio of build chips assets for passive income and wealth building. The book gives in-depth examination of the new cryptocurrencies available in the digital market and useful tips on how to invest wisely and make many times your returns by entering the market early. New Assets provides an understanding of this fascinating new way of working, seamlessly entering the cryptocurrency market and mining coins even without any technical know-how.

The author of New Assets, Karen New, had this to say, “A revolution in money is taking place and it’s worth billions of dollars to people just like you. If you missed the boom, here is an amazing opportunity to join the Blockchain revolution. This is the fastest growing asset class.” 

The author added that, “New Assets contains a simplified, non-technical message to help newcomers in blockchain investment build their own portfolio of cryptocurrencies to get asset growth and also have a means of earning passive income. Many books talk about the bitcoin or blockchain revolution, but most are often too technical or skip the investment aspect of it."
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