ChiWriting: How to Use Endurance Training Principles to Condition Your Creative Mind, Supercharge Your Writing Life, and Finish Your Book Publication Review

There are lots of books out there about training for athletic endurance events. Author T. A. Pierce has taken that concept and applied it to writers and their quest to find the time, motivation, and creative stamina to write.
After experiencing a low period in his life, juggling multiple responsibilities and losing his job, to his amazement, he trained for and finished a triathlon. It was what he needed to get back on track with his life and writing. He compared the training he had accomplished there to find areas that could be applied to getting his writing back on track. He concluded that it takes chi (life-force energy) and will to accomplish anything.  
This book is a good read of how to apply the principles of endurance training to build a training plan for writing, increase your writing fitness, and condition your creative mind. It covers what chi is and how it affects every part of our bodies, minds, and lives. You will learn how to use the principles of chi in your own life to condition your creativity. The author goes into great detail of the similarities of athletic endurance and creative endurance. You don’t need to be an athlete to understand or appreciate his outlook.

If you want to go further, be better, and reduce stress trying to fit writing and living a full life into every day, this is the book for you. It’s intelligently written and fun to read, making your new start to creative energy all the easier. Highly recommended to all, writers or not. 

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