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Get Ready to Get Unstuck and Walk into Purpose!
“You may be in a wilderness or a dry place in your life right now. Let God come in and drench your dry places. He wants to do a new thing in you, through you and for you.”

Ever feel like there’s more that God has for you? Do you have dreams, but you sometimes feel like they will never come to pass?
Dorenthea Nemeth shares four keys that will help you get unstuck and that will propel you into a life of not just living, but living on purpose. These steps will get you on track to living your dreams and a more fulfilling life:
·         Leave the Past Behind
·         Stop & Retreat
·         Get in Position
·         Embrace Your Next
It’s time to stop wishing, and start POSSESSING! You’re never too old, too young, or too poor to walk in your divine purpose. Get ready to be shifted from a place of complacency and mediocrity.
Get Ready for Your NEXT!

Dorenthea is an author, speaker, and worship leader. She knows that she’s called for one purpose, and that’s to give the devil a black eye with her worship and with her words of faith and inspiration, letting people know that, no matter what, quitting is NOT an option.

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