In his second book, “The Austin Affair” Pendleton Parrish takes readers on a thrilling ride as his main character Texas State Senator Trip Alemán loses the love of his life after catty women and their ruthless husbands conspire to have Trip kidnapped by Mexican Drug Cartels bent on his demise. 
Readers will experience the joy of unrequited love, the mean destructive ways of the wives of Westlake and the horrors of captivity by a heinous group of Mexican Drug Cartel members. Readers will weep with tears of sadness and tears of joy all in one action packed suspense novel. The story takes place in Austin, Texas and travels through the state on a journey to the remote jungles of Mexico. 
An excerpt from “The Austin Affair” 
I slipped out of the car and headed for the store. The lot was full of like-minded travelers. My curiosity was taken by a large step van. A woman who looked, Hispanic, was carrying a baby. Two young men with tattoo's, wallet chains, broad smiles that showed Chrome covered teeth and large work boots leaned up against the van drinking beer covered by a brown paper bag. Their hats covered their faces, and they paid no attention to me as I made my way into the store. I spent about 15 minutes looking over selections before getting them wrapped and bagged. Two Fiji water bottles and a pack of gum, then I paid the cashier with a crisp 100-dollar bill. Several folks were sitting at picnic tables set up in the store eating various pastries and drinking assorted beverages. I looked out of the window but could not see the SUV it was just out of sight. I surveyed the store one more time and headed for Ellie who was now awake. As she looked over her shoulder to see me, she heard a tapping on her window. A tall man in a black ski mask waving a 9mm Glock pulled the door open, dragged her out of the car and pulled her behind the SUV, he smacked her head with the pistol. I now saw what was happening. I tossed the bag as started to run toward Ellie. A shot rang out, and I hit the ground. Two other thugs dressed in ripped camo and black ski masks picked me up and brutally dragged me to the van I had observed earlier. The two large back doors swung open and more people in disguise helped the others throw me into the Van. The man holding Ellie pistol-whipped her on the back of the head one more time and Ellie fell to the unpaved parking lot cutting her arms and face. She looked up one last time and held her arm up looking for me, but all she could see was a blurred vision of her attacker.
"Trip...Trip she whispered, this is not part of the dream baby?"
The writer states “Although this is a work of fiction every day hundred’s die as a result of the menace of Drug Gangs and their maniacal pursuit of drugs, money and weapons. It could happen to anyone at any time.”

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