The Influence of Military Strategies to Business

M.D. White publishes new business strategy book: The Influence of Military Strategies to Business

The Influence of Military Strategies to Business is an Amazon Best Seller, ranked #1 in multiple category’s.

For business owners of any level of experience, getting through the battles and wars with competitors can be frustrating and frequently futile without the knowledge and advice from a trusted advisor.  M.D. White has capably placed himself in that role with this gem of a book based on The Art of War by Sun Tsu, the 6th century Chinese military strategist.  He weaves in other sources and analogies to make his points, as well.

The author uses real life examples of top tier companies, their strategies, their battles fought, both won and lost.  This book is a real eye-opener no matter how long you’ve been in business or how successful you are.

“When wars, market share, jobs, or stock value have already been lost, for managers as for generals, hindsight is not sufficient. It is therefore essential to have an effective way not only to look toward the future, but to create it.”


"I like this book, because I'm always doing business, and life is war. You can immediately see the philosophy of a study sharpened on the whetstone of a life led by a soldier in the writing. A good man in the trenches is an asset in the office, and MD White is a valuable one. Leading from a sound historical education on the art of war, and guiding the reader by a solid narrative, this is a book for a new generation of forward thinking business men and women to strengthen their concepts of what they will build tomorrow. " —JOSH SHEETS, AUTHOR OF RETRO HORROR BRAIN CANDY NOVELS, BLOOD NIGHT AND THE FOLLOWER

For the first time, there is a book on business that a military person can understand! This book is clear and concise in drawing parallels between going to war, and starting up a new business. This is clearly defined by using Sun Tzu's Art of War and good business strategies. The parallels are amazingly similar in both war and business, and certainly not to be overlooked. For the first time in fifty years, I understood what the author was writing about!” —D HUNT, BETA AND PROOFREADING

“I just want to say there are so many strategies out here in this world on how to prepare for the good and bad in the business world. But MD White said it best and the comparison with The Art of War plus strategies based on military processes, training, and knowledge is so captivating and encouraging to make you go back and critique your strategies as a business owner. —ELEASE DOBBS, AUTHOR OF THE FRESH DEW SERIES AND WOMEN'S WORKBOOK HOW TO LIVE ACCORDING TO YOU

About the Author

M.D. White is a serial entrepreneur with empirical knowledge in nearly every industry and sector. His humble beginnings began as a minor with two unlicensed, and very successful, computer companies providing building, programming, and networking services to commercial and individual users, respectively. With age, his ambitions and achievements have only grown. Today, he consults for growing ventures, and spends much of his time studying the “psychology of things,” a term he coined to describe how and why things work.