Help! The President is an Alien! (yellow edition)   

Graham Parke is a Forewords Book of the Year winner, a Kirkus Indie best-lister, and an IBA and USA Book News Awards finalist. 

After an alien researcher crash lands on earth, he discovers that his missing pilot has taken the place of the president of one of the most powerful nations on the planet. The pilot’s reasons for this, however, are as unexpected as they are unorthodox.

This is the story of that Pilot.

Imagine traveling the 27 catrillion million light-years to earth without a single problem, then turning on the landing lights way too early and scaring the inhabitants of several major cities – already the people of earth were talking up a storm about those ‘strange lights in the sky’. 
Not the best way to start a stealth interplanetary mission. 
But this was exactly what Gryx had done. And he did it just before parking his spaceship rather permanently inside something that other pilots, better pilots, commonly referred to as: the ground.

Meanwhile, a few continents over, a businessman decides to run for president as a publicity stunt. He’ll go on the campaign trail for a few weeks, make some new contacts, then announce he’s no longer funding his own campaign and that will be it. No one in their right mind will want to fund his campaign. And even if they do, he’ll simply make himself un-electable with some racist comments.
But his plan appears to be failing. For some mysterious reason more and more people are starting to back him, no matter how many minorities he insults, no matter how illogical his tweets, or how clearly lacking his policies... 

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