Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers: Reliably Giving the Gift of Exceptional Experiences


New Book Released on the Pursuit of Every Person, Every Moment Customer Experience
Strategies Chicago, IL, October 12, 2017

Customers are why companies exist. Customer satisfaction is often an unpredictable
and inconsistent journey for many companies. A new book now highlights how leaders who are devoted to building lasting relationships with customers can build more reliable results by thoughtfully preparing staff at all levels to identify and apply individual strengths toward a common company goal...the creation of raving fans!

"Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers- Reliably Giving the Gift of Exceptional Experiences", was written to guide professionals on ways to build person-by-person and moment-by-moment customer engagement. Award winning customer experience leader, Diane Serbin Hopkins has written her new book which shares strategies to help the entire workforce exceed customer expectations and imagination whenever and however they connect with a company.

Diane’s new book, published by Networlding, Chicago, sheds light on the passion and practicality of building and sustaining an “extraordinary” customer experience philosophy across the enterprise. It’s core maxim is that leaders of an organizationirrespective of the size of the business- are duly obliged to prepare all employees from every level towards exercising a positive personal and memorable influence on the customers.

“Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers” is penned with two objectives. First, to enlighten professionals and companies about the significance of a Chief Moment Officer strategy across the entire workforce of an organization. Second, to extend the different avenues to realize the CMO strategy at its best based on the company’s present customer strategies.

“Nothing is more touching than somebody paying close attention to your stated and unstated needs and desires. Honoring small details can be a direct path to exceed one’s expectations in a Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business environment. It’s the best gift that you can give to your customer- something so invaluable that your client would take time to recommend you to others, thank you, and re-purchase. It's also a gift when busy customers take the time to share why and how you failed them. Aligning operations, communication and resources to delight customers is the ultimate viability
and growth strategy. It's important to educate each employee (not just the managers) about ways to ‘exceed’ customer’s imagination and never tolerate mediocre customer contacts. My book is an easy-to-read and apply guide to help readers to unleash their own personal CMO and be better prepared to help teams work together to co-create exceptional moments of customer engagement”, stated the author while announcing about the book.

A Certified Experience Economy Expert and WOW project guru, Diane Hopkins has had a distinguished career in the healthcare industry as one of the nation's first Chief Experience and Innovation Officers. The seasoned Customer Experience Practitioner has been awarded the Innovator Award from the Customer Experience Professionals Association and the Experience Management Achievement Award from Strategic Horizons. She has been featured on esteemed portals like the PBS special Re-Imagine Business Excellence with Tom Peters for her breakthrough works on customer experience.

Diane is also the co-author of the book, "Wake Up and Smell the Innovation", with Phil Newbold. Diane is a consultant for healthcare and non-healthcare companies and offers interactive presentations on Exceptional Experience Strategy and Innovation Culture Building.

“Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers” has received impressive national reviews-
New York Times Best Selling Author of Driven to Delight and The Zappos Experience, Joseph Michelli wrote: “Diane Hopkins has poured her heart, soul, insight, experience, wisdom and passion into Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers and through this work she has demystified the customer connection challenge. This is a must read for anyone who seeks to serve another in business or life. It is an empowering, experiential tool that will inspire your inner Chief Moment Officer — moreover it will purposefully connect you to the power of serving well in every moment, every day.”
Vice President of the Tom Peters Company, Valerie WIllis shared: “If you want to raise the bar on creating memorable customer experiences, then this book is your roadmap. Diane’s fresh approach on focusing on the small things, in order to unleash exceptional experiences will ring true for all industries. No industry can afford mediocrity, so pull out your Chief Moment Officer hat, and build new relevancy for your customers. Unleashing the Chief Moment Officers will unwrap the imagination and talent to differentiate your business in the marketplace.”

To purchase or for more information about the author and book, visit www.chiefmomentofficer.com or search Amazon.com

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