Deceptive Truths: A Feminine Power Love Story     

Deceptive Truthslooks like a great and unique romance book. Any plans for a follow up or series?

When the story told in Deceptive Truths began to tell itself to me I was introduced to an interesting little world in New York City. Jenny and Tom’s tragic love story is longing to be told. And course, Brendan and Casandra would like equal time.

I also wonder if my readers would like to know what happened when Kolton and Molly met at the coffee shop. If my readers indicate an interest, I will gladly write these love stories down. I have put an email address at the back of the book for them to let me know their wishes!

What do you think makes a great romance story?

I think romance stories are a little like dessert. They are yummy and delicious, but it is hard to fill up on them. When one is done, my tendency is to look for the next one almost before the cover is closed on the one I just finished! They are entertaining, but not satisfying.

My work is different. I write love stories that touch people’s hearts and transform their own personal love stories as they read. Instead of devouring my work like it was a bag of popcorn, my work is something to chew on. Something to digest slowly. My work tends to cause the reader to stop and reflect on their own experiences.

The result is deeply satisfying. My love stories are intended to entertain while they soothe the heart and nourish the soul. A tall order, I know.

In fact, I am thinking of creating an interactive Kindle version of this book that will have links to meditations and explorations the reader might want to undertake as they read about Molly and Kolton.

What inspired you when writing Deceptive Truths?

I work with people who have had their hearts broken by their life experiences. So often very limiting decisions have been made that limit their future opportunities. This story is a way of sharing how it is possible to transform painful experiences into experiences of empowerment. My deepest hope for the book is that it will reach people who are open to the message that they can co-create a life worth living no matter what has hurt them in the past.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?

I love writing, and it would be a dream come true to see my books healing hearts in a big way. If that happens I will do more of it!

When did you decide to become a writer?

I have always been a writer…I started writing just for me in the third grade. My father often told me “Listen to the words, the words mean something.” I have had a love affair with words all my life. I self-published my first non-fiction work “Four Mouths to Feed: A Living Lean Guide For Fulfillment” in 2006, and moved it to Amazon in 2015. This is my first foray into fiction.

When writing Deceptive Truthsdid anything stand out as particularly challenging?

Writing Deceptive Truths was the easy part for me. Finding the courage to publish it has been the hard part. The fact that some number of people are going to hate “my baby” is really scary, and I feel so vulnerable! I’m doing something new with my work: transforming the reader while entertaining. It won’t suit everyone. I doubt my skin is really tough enough to deal with the haters. But I am determined to let that be whatever it is, and keep my focus on serving those who find value in my work.

How did you come up with the story of Deceptive Truths?

I have clients in my coaching work who have been devastated by betrayal and loss. Seeing what has been possible for them as the result of finding an empowered perspective on painful circumstances made me want to share this work with the world.

It came to me in a meditation that the best way to do this would be through a work of fiction. It is so much easier to see these principle in action when applied to someone else’s life than our own!

Then each day as I showed up ready to write, ideas came to me. It really was amazingly easy to stay in a flow state with this novel. Writing it was a joy!

I discovered things I knew nothing about. An example is the organization called Heroic Food. They train veterans who are interested in farming.

Farming is a great occupation for veterans. So many of them are suffering with trauma left over from the horrors of soldiering. Working on the land provides a calm environment in nature which can be very soothing to someone dealing with PTSD. I knew nothing about that organization prior to working on Deceptive Truths. But I feel so proud to share about their valuable work within the vehicle of my book.

What do you like to do when not writing?

I am an avid reader. I always have several books on my bedside table. I also host an online group called Awakening Women’s Community. We work on the skill sets needed to effectively transform adverse life circumstances into opportunities for empowerment together.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

My website is I offer a free ebook called “5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation.” Conscious co-creation is the state of designing your life experiences by choice. It is the hallmark of living an empowered life. I hope your readers will stop by for a visit and pick up their free ebook!


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