The Undying Champions (The Eternal War Book 1)

For nearly two and a half centuries, the kingdom of Auden has been trapped within the iron grip of its bloodthirsty conqueror, Doldimar. Intent on spreading chaos and corruption as he pleases and driven by madness, the Dark Lord’s reign is feared and unquestioned, his subjects’ hope long discarded in the fight to survive.

Across the sea, Raimie, a youth untroubled by the cares of the world, has lived eighteen sheltered years on the family farm, but when he finds a mysterious sword where he least expects it, his life changes irrevocably. His family has been keeping an earth shattering secret. They are not the insignificant peasants that they seem.

Elsewhere, in a city beneath the mountains, Healer Kheled struggles to revive the obliterated husk of his heart. Surrounded by disdain and loathing, he fights to stay adrift until an old companion appears with long awaited news. Kheled’s ally has been found. The cycle is about to begin once more.

Pushed together by fate and forgotten gods, Raimie and Kheled stumble into the midst of the unseen war that has raged since the dawn of time. Together, they will not only decide the fate of kingdoms but of reality itself.

This book includes scenes of graphic violence, strong language, and sexual innuendo. There is no explicit sexual content.

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