Meditation: Creating a Peaceful Mind to Calm a Chaotic Life (Beginner Guide, How to Guide, Mindfulness, Self Esteem Book 1)     

Use These Beginner Meditation Techniques To Finally Create A Stress Free Life Today!

A very long time ago, meditation was used to help people to realize their spirituality and to try to open up their understanding. It is still used in this way but as you are new to it, I feel that it will be helpful for you to learn a little of the background behind the practice of meditation, as well as learning what it’s all about. Only then can you put your best effort into it. You see, people misunderstand what it is that they are supposed to do and while you are concentrating too hard on the practice of meditation, you may actually be stepping away from what meditation is all about. It’s not about trying. It’s about being.
In that moment when you are able to meditate, you allow your mind to reach to new heights. You may have experienced something like meditation and not been aware of the similarity although this book will explain that, so that you recognize when you are gaining from your practice, instead of feeling that you are not learning in the early stages of meditation. The trick is to accept your state, rather than try and change it. You will understand more about that as I walk you through the steps that take you into meditation and a better understanding of self.

Here is a Sample of What you will Learn

  • Where it all Began
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Preparing to Meditate
  • Quietening the Mind
  • Learning Inner Peace
  • Breathing Techniques

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