Romance: The Office Gentleman (Romance, Erotica, Redemption, Secrets Book 1)     

Powerful, Exciting, Romantic Short Story

“I’m Wide Awake!” a song by Katy Perry was what woke Janet up; she snoozed the alarm and covered her head with the duvet. Five minutes later, her phone started blaring with her ringtone again.
“I only just fell asleep,” she murmured picking her phone up to check the time. “Oh no!” she screamed. Not today, she thought. 
She had an interview scheduled for 8:00 am, and it was already 7:15 am. She brushed her teeth and washed her face, while she hurriedly dressed in a white short-sleeve shirt and black pencil skirt that showed off her curves. She paired it with black heels and a large black bag. She raced down the hallway of her apartment with her wristwatch and pair of earrings in hand silently thanking God for the elevator installed in her apartment. 
By 7:35 am, she was seated in the back of a taxi with her hair pulled up in a ponytail while she applied red lipstick for an extra boost of confidence. But luck refused to be on her side that morning; her taxi got stuck in traffic, there was a standstill and movement didn’t begin until 8:00 am. By 8:05 am, she finally got to the head office of Brandon & Sons Enterprise. 

This is a great quick read for those wanting a good romance, with a little bit of erotica thrown in.

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