Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Master Your Brain and Emotions to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thoughts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Master Your Brain and Emotions to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thoughts

Most of us are trapped in a roller-coaster of ‘automatic’ thoughts, emotions, and actions. Try as hard as we might, when we see certain people or heard certain things, we get emotional. These intense emotions then trigger us to say certain things out of habit. We also often feel pushed to act a certain way. This all plays out so quickly we feel we really have no control about it. Very much like being on a roller-coaster. Might as well just brace yourself for the ride, right? After all, it’s too easy to conclude that your ‘automatic’ reactions of fear, anxiety, depression, or anger are simply part of ‘who you are as a person!’
Well, you don’t have to keep making the same wrong decisions over and over again. You don’t have to be miserable, powerless, or small. You don’t have to keep defining yourself as a person who doesn’t have much power over your life and your world. What if I told you that you CAN get off the careening roller-coaster. that is your life? What if you can put an end to negative emotional reactions that consistently and constantly put you in a bad spot?
The answer? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)CBT is a one of the most respected, thoroughly tested, and vetted psychiatric counseling systems in existence. Countless people have been liberated from personal prisons of helplessness, powerlessness, failure, anxiety, depression, and compulsive behaviors. Best of all, CBT doesn’t necessarily involve mind altering medication, hypnosis, or electro shock therapy. Instead, CBT works with a very basic premise: whatever negative thoughts, verbal and habitual behavioral patterns you have are products of how you choose to interpret situations. These interpretations, in turn, are products of certain ‘truths’ you choose to believe.
CBT zeroes in on the central fact that you have a lot of choice in how your life plays out. By simply choosing to think in a different way and interpret certain experiences differently, you can produce a massive positive change in your life. You no longer have to feel like certain negative mental and emotional states are natural and ‘automatic’ responses to certain triggers in your life.

This book teaches you key CBT principles that will enable you to become a happier, more fulfilled, more effective, and more content personStop thinking that your world is spiraling out of control or you don’t have control over your life. This books teaches simple clear techniques that will enable you to start living life to the fullest.
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