101 Ways To Be Young At Any Age!: Practical Wisdom to Reverse Your Aging, STARTING NOW!


100% of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to prevent the illegal trafficking of children worldwide.

  • Learn to Minimize Stress and Maximize Energy.
  • Discover How to Prevent and Reverse Disease!
  • Attain a Healthier Body, Calmer Mind, Lifted Spirit, & Kinder Heart.
  • Live a Happier and More Meaningful Life.
About the Book
This book is a compilation of articles we have written over the years to help you add more years to your life and more life to your years. We share 101 "nuggets" of wisdom that we've learned from our many years of worldwide travel and meeting very wise teachers from all around our planet. This book is packed with a variety of practical tips and techniques meant to enlighten and inspire you. Learn How You Can Change Your Life From Growing Old To Staying Young … In Mind, Body, and Spirit.
About Us
During our lifetimes we have raised a family, enjoyed successful careers, traveled to more than 75 countries, became human rights activists, martial artists, mediators and negotiators, students and teachers in the Buddhist tradition, public speakers, international volunteers, and still serve as advisors to a number of non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals globally.
We've experienced numerous exciting adventures, learned from many incredible wisdom teachers and have overcome life's inevitable challenges including life-threatening illnesses. We are profoundly grateful to have been touched by countless wise and unforgettable people, near and far.
Long ago we made it our intention to stay young in mind, body, and spirit. Now, after many very happy and purposeful years, we are doing better than ever and feeling younger than ever … both at age 77! We are honored to share with others whatever knowledge and wisdom we have garnered.
We continually “live young” and lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. You can do it, too!
Feel Good. Look Good. Do Good.
Bob and Fran German

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