How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold: A Couples Guide     

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We are Kat and Greg and we have been married for five years as of the writing of this book. To our friends and family, we have a normal monogamous relationship that is happy. We own a successful business together. Behind closed doors however, we have a cuckold or hotwife relationship. We will make a few assumptions about your knowledge of the topic since you found this book. We expect that you at least have a general idea of what cuckolding is.
We are writing this book to help other couples who are interested in the lifestyle. We want to share our experiences with the world. Our relationship didn’t start out this way, it evolved over time. We both read a lot about the topic as our relationship evolved. In particular, we enjoyed reading about other couple’s experiences to help find our way through this new territory. Hearing about first-hand experiences on any topic you wish to learn about and explore is helpful. Now that we have settled into a comfortable place, we want to help others find their way.
The format of this book will be general information to start each chapter, followed by personal thoughts from both Kat and Greg individually. We hope this will give you the basic information plus a more personal spin that you can relate to. It is a well-known fact that men and women think differently about everything. Even if we agree on something, we usually have different reasons for thinking the way we do. By sharing not just general information, but also two different views of that information, we hope to really give you a great sense of the topics.

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