In Pursuit of A Better Life: The Ultimate Guide For Finding Living Kidney Donors (Publication Review)

Book Review

People in need of a kidney transplant have two options. They can wait several years for a kidney from a deceased organ donor, or they can take themselves to the front of the line by receiving a kidney from a living kidney donor. For many reasons, all outlined in the book, a kidney from a willing living organ donor is much better for the recipient. But what does a person have to do to be lucky enough to receive a kidney from a living donor? How do they tell people they are in need and how do they ask?
In Pursuit of a Better Life was written by Risa Simon, a kidney patient who found herself in need of a kidney transplant without an owner’s manual. Patients are told very little about transplant, and the thought of asking someone to donate a kidney cans paralyze the bravest of all.    
Outraged by a lack of pre-transplant engagement, Ms. Simon left her consulting and speaking career and resolved to help other kidney patients advance to transplant, just like she did. What better person to write about this path than a trailblazing advocate who recognized the weak links and conquered transplant success?
This book is full of advice on how to increase need awareness without ever having to ask anyone to outright donate a kidney. It also emphasizes the important of building a team of advocates to help spread the word. There are sample letters, conversation scripts, and talking points, as well as links to tons of helpful valuable resources. It’s a one-of-a-kind guidebook that should be an essential part of a doctor’s patient information packet.
Content-rich and full of examples, this book bridges the information-gap for kidney patients who hope to live a better and longer life by securing a transplant before they need dialysis. It’s also a rescue guide for dialysis patients who pray for a better quality of life.
This book is a must have for anyone hoping to find a living kidney donor, or someone close to such a person.   


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