Like Mother, NOT Like Daughter      

Shopkeeper Natalie Bourke was living an ordinary life of solitude until it is invaded by a nihilistic vampire intent on enslaving her for eternity. The vampire’s initial advances are thwarted by the aid of Alexander, a handsome, otherworldly man who she discovers a love for that expands over many lifetimes. Natalie soon finds that the vampire who attacked her has robbed her family before and now it’s her turn to fight for her soul. The past that plagues her memory mercilessly has come back to demand resolution once and for all. 

Alexander is suspicious of the sporadic suicides of werewolves but his suspicions are forced to take a backseat when his team has to go chasing after a sadistic vampire and his clan. The chase brings him to the shattered storefront of Natalie Bourke, who he immediately senses an eternal connection with. As the two grow closer, secrets of Natalie's past are revealed; along with a scheme that would take away any wolfs will to live. Alexander finds himself not only helping to preserve Natalie’s soul, but the fate of his kind. 

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