Legally His

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"Let me worship your body." Marcus hissed sucking on her big toe at first and kissing his way up her leg. He placed hot kisses on the inside of her thighs working his way up.


Marcus Ranulph

He has worked hard to get where he is. He has no time for females or their games. As for love, as far as he's concerned, it doesn't exist. Infatuation, sexual attraction well that's a given, Detective Ranulph is convinced. He has a gift when it comes to seducing the opposite sex, but all his gifts and prowess fly out the window the day he meets Mira Verron.

Mira Verron

She works as a hostess for a company that walks a thin line between just serving drinks and being an escort service. In short, her family hates her job, but Mira loves the pampering, attention, and quite frankly its good money. Her looks and charm guarantee her a spot on the serving lists almost every night at Delicious Spreads. A chance encounter with her work has Mira falling for an ordinary guy, something she vowed never to do.
Brought together by a horrific act, will they make it out alive? Or will their love go cold just like the bodies that are popping up all around them?
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