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November 27, 2017—Orono, MN—A family pet who ate half a chocolate birthday cake inspired local author Suzanne Walcher to spread the message to young children about the dangers of sharing their food with dogs.  With holidays (and tempting treats) just around the corner, Kate Takes The Cake teaches children how to steer their beloved canine friends away from a potentially serious situation.  The book’s debut marks the Spring Park resident’s first foray into children’s books.

According to Dr. Andrea Johnston, veterinarian at Gehrman Animal Hospital in Minnetonka, MN, the book is a valuable tool for children and their parents as well.

“We all want to keep our beloved pets safe.  This book is a great teaching resource because common foods that we eat can be dangerous to our furry friends. We see ingestion of these food items way too often, which often times requires immediate and intensive care. This book helps pet owners understand how they can minimize putting their own pets at risk,” says Gehrman.

“I’ve observed that kids don’t generally understand that many human foods are not good for dogs,” says Walcher.  “The story is a fun way to convey a serious message, and it puts kids in a position to be helpful caretakers of their pets.”
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In the story, readers help a little boy keep his curious—and always hungry—dog Kate safe, as her nose leads her where it doesn't belong! As children learn about these common food dangers, they begin to memorize the list of top offenders and are soon empowered to play an important role in keeping their dog safe and healthy. Food icons placed next to the text mean that even pre-readers can follow along.

Walcher’s book is also helping dogs in other meaningful ways.  One dollar for each paperback copy sold will be donated to the Top Dog Foundation of New Germany, Minnesota, to help provide loving and permanent homes for senior dogs.  http://www.topdogfoundation.org/  The book is also available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

About the Author
Suzanne Walcher has loved reading, writing and dogs since she was a little girl. The cast of dog characters in her own life's story has been a lively one, and home just wouldn't be home without them. After raising a family, she began her writing career in earnest and has been featured in numerous publications and blogs.  Kate Takes The Cake is her first children's book.  For more information about Kate Takes The Cake, visit https://suzannewalcher.com/


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