Tips to create the life you desire: A book of personal development and self discovery         

Mark Stephen Pooler has a remarkable story.  He has survived the type of hardship most of us only see in movies, from being bullied from a young age, combating severe drug addiction and even cheating death.  Now he works tirelessly to help others overcome adversity and bring out the brilliance that shines in each and every one of us.

By the age of 15 the bullying had taken it’s toll. Mark’s confidence had hit rock bottom.  He had undergone several cosmetic procedures to try and improve his appearance and was struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.  He left school with bad grades and the downward spiral into drug addiction began to take hold.

On leaving school, Mark trained as a hairdresser and started working for big name brands in leading hair salons.  By the time he reached his late teens/early twenties he his addiction was spiraling out of control – using crack cocaine and heroin so he didn’t have to live in reality of his life.

At 21 Mark was at his lowest point. He was rushed into hospital as his heart had stopped.  Against the odds he made it back and realised that things had to change. He vowed (and succeeded) to give up hard drugs, although he continued to use soft drugs for the next six years.  At age 27 he was finally able to kick the soft drugs too.

Following Mark’s hospitalisation and rehabilitation from drug use, he continued with his hairdressing career.  However he embarked on a huge journey of personal development.  Thus started a freelance career in hairdressing in 2013.

Though he went on to build a successful hairdressing business and built a business in network marketing it seemed that misfortune continued to plague Mark.  He faced relationship break downs, struggled with debt and found himself having to make more and more dramatic changes and ended up having to sell his home to start turning his business around.

Once Mark had got his business back on track and operating successfully he still felt something was missing.  Suffering loss of jobs in his career, relationship breakdowns in business and personal life and having many dramatic life changes he knew a new direction was needed.  He realised he was not following his true passion in 2017 made a big change in direction deciding to follow his true passion of helping and inspiring others.

With a vast amount of knowledge, business skills and life experience to draw on, Mark embarked on a mission:  To help professionals to create brilliance out of adversity.