The Architect of Excellence: Creating Personal & Professional Success & Happiness Through the Art of Simplicity     

The Architect of Excellence is a groundbreaking approach to the art of personal growth and modern leadership expressed through a unique method of story telling and lessons of contextual and interactive learning. Through the process of identifying and relating to atypical professional behavior types and styles, you will begin to consciously identify the way in which individuals are able to transform and align with one another through modeling key behaviors, habits and beliefs within the culture of an organization. Though the characters are fictitious in the literal sense, you will likely associate each unique and ‘familiar personality’ with someone that you’ve known or worked with at some point in your life.

The story of Patrick and Clair Dodgion, and their company, Architects, Design & Press, will unfold and reveal the commonalities of successful organizations, whether corporate or community in nature. This journey illustrates the way in which top performance organizations are created, develop, struggle, evolve and ultimately succeed when they apply the key success principles in high performance organizations today. World-class organizational success today begins by creating a winning culture, positive collaboration, connection; and prioritizing people, which is the most important resource of any enterprise. 

Through prioritizing personal and professional development, the modern organization builds success from the inside out. And in so doing, from many individuals, the modern organization creates one focused and engaged ‘tribe’ that believes in the organizational mission and in one another. This story will very likely conjure memories of personal experiences you’ve had and will remind you of those who have impacted your life, both past and present. As importantly, we hope this book will entertain and cause you to reflect on your own journey and purpose. And through the characters challenges and emotional high's and low's, we hope it will keep you guessing as to what will happen next!

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