Wake Up Healthy: Small life Changes that take 5 minutes or Less


This book will motivate you to eat healthily, drink smart, sleep well, workout hard, treat small, but inconvenient health problem, manage stress and anxiety and improve your overall well-being in just 30 days! Start where you are comfortable and progress at your own pace or if you are feeling adventurous, implement all the routines, habits and strategies immediately for maximizing weight loss, and optimize disease reversal. This book contains top 14 tips, tricks, habits, and tactics to improve your current mundane, disease-prone life into a much better, satisfying and fulfilling one. Whether you are just a beginner or health conscious for long-time, this comprehensive health guide will become handy in your everyday life. This book provides you an arsenal of easy-to-process tips and guidelines to make you stronger, healthier, and happier. This health guide is the key to long, healthy, disease-free golden years.