Artak and The Forgotten Mark     

A story that will take you on a quest with Artak who, having travelled the world in pursuit of mastering his fighting skills, returns a fearless warrior. Little does he know that fate will soon give him the chance he’s long waited for; to meet face to face with the beast that left him an orphan.

When he was merely 14, he watched his parents die along with his entire village. In fear, the boy barely escapes the fiery scene only at his father’s command. This engraved in his heart such a shock that he vowed to avenge them one day. Collapsing at the gates of Wimbra a few days later, he is taken in by Martuk, the village leader. Accepting him in as his own child, he teaches the young boy everything he knows in the art of sword combat, but given his natural abilities and determination, in a short time he surpasses the skills of his teacher. When he was given his first knife, he admired and respected it, spending hours contemplating it; feeling powerful with it. It was already during these young years, being the restless child that he was, and not adhering to rules, much less curfews, that he began to disappear for days without anybody knowing where he’d been.

Keywords: Dragons, Romance, Friendship, Love, Brotherhood, Heroism, Fantasy, Adventure

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