Leaked: The Grey Files The Journal Series 1, 2, 483, 484, 485: A Combined Collection


Sex, Murder, Aliens, Treason in the Whitehouse, Yes, our boys are on a road trip. This is the compilation of the series that has been taking readers by storm. Now in a one-stop shopping collection, here on Amazon. Don't forget to check out the Boobs, Bunz & Bawdiness vol 1 by the same Angry Brothers who are featured in this book collection. 
For those who don't know the boys, we have Ian James Salvador Grey Dragonovich, missing from 1965 to 1995, with a 30 mystery, un-aged with some enhanced physical characteristics we would all love to have. Seemingly ageless, and now on a mission to get to the bottom of things 
Jack and James Angry, two undead monks from the US Revolutionary period; thanks to being enslaved to their evil mistress Infernia, they are still kicking around and getting into and out of kinky problems. Infernia and her masters are out to subjugate and subvert humanity, but as she has the Brothers on her side, things don’t always go as planned. What happens when these two semi-unnatural forces have problems in common, like a President of the United States who is under the spell of those controlled by Infernia and her evil masters? 
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