Look What You Made Me Do


If you found out that you had been infected with HIV what would you do? Man my head is spinning uncontrollably as I sit in the waiting room of this hospital.. desperately wanting to change my life around... I still can’t help but think of all the evil sh*t that I had already done smh.. Would I ever use my illness as a form of revenge again? NEVER... Was I sorry for all that I had done? I was... Am I a bad person? A monster? Evil? Nah.. I’m not any of those things... THIS.. was never what I wanted to do... THIS.. is what they MADE me do... My name is Ameena Washington.. and THIS.. is my story! Pre-Order Available now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1974369633 IG: @IamPoppiiKing Stay Updated: www.PoppiiKing.Xyz Stay updated with “The Diary of Ameena Washington” as she struggles to live with HIV: www.Lwymmd.Wordpress.com Subscribe now for the first 2 Chapters in Audio coming soon! “Look What You Made Me Do” The story of Ameena Washington Written by: Poppii King