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DJINN by Sang Kromah: A Masterclass in American Folklore with an African Twist


[Sykesville, MD] – As the second release of Not a Pipe Publishing’s challenge to only publish books by women in 2018, Djinn (Not a Pipe Publishing; March 20, 2018) marks the birth of a bold Young Adult Fantasy writer, and of a singular, fearless character and lore unlike anything else in YA today. Sang Kromah’s Djinn combines the tantalizing magical perfection of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars with the strength and wit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this fantasy that grips you tight, sucks you in, and leaves you wanting more.

Sang Kromah grew up in Sykesville, the setting of Djinn, to Liberian-American parents, who, by day were an Army dentist and social worker, and by night were storytellers, telling Sang and her brother folklore from Liberia about djinn and mami wata. She spent her childhood, turning the lore into short stories, and eventually, those short stories became Djinn.

Bijou Fitzroy is strange. With the unwanted gift of being an empath, she has spent her entire life as a sheltered recluse, homeschooled by her secretive and overprotective grandmother, who never allows them to stay in one place long enough for Bijou to settle and make friends. When Bijou and her grandmother move to Sykesville and she starts to attend the local high school, Bijou’s world begins to crumble. Town locals begin to disappear and the creatures from her nightmares begin to take shape in her reality. She finds herself at the center of a war she never knew was being fought all around her.

Perfectly paced answer to the truth behind the genie/djinn myth and a masterclass on making the supernatural relatable.

About the Author: SANG KROMAH earned a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology. As a communications specialist, Kromah’s credits range from her work at Seventeen Magazine to UN Women and Half the Sky Documentary. Her greatest accomplishments are with Project READ, an award-winning female-run library initiative she started in her beloved Liberia and Project GirlSpire, an online media site she created for girls to change the narrative by creating it.

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