Rib Bone Jack: The Spareson Spies


It’s 1802, and Jack finds himself surrounded by spoilt aristocrats in a mysterious training camp on the South coast of England. Once more he is drawn into an unexplained murder mystery, and with the dead man’s family baying for blood, someone is going to pay, regardless of their guilt or innocence. Could a mysterious French ship stalking the English coastline be in some way linked to the killing? Able to outrun anything the English navy puts against it, the need to catch this enigmatic vessel becomes vital to the war effort, its very survival highlighting England’s weaknesses.
As the body count grows, the rules of both war and honour become secondary to the necessity to win at any price. As ever in the Major’s world, nothing is quite as it seems and everyone is expendable for the greater good. 
Jack is the ultimate underdog, with nothing to lose. A lowly peasant dragged into a dangerous world of spies and spy catchers, where the privilege of seeing a new day is a prize to be fought for.

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