Love Begins With You (Leading With Love Book 1)     

This first book in the Leading with Love series, Love Begins With You, offers tried and true principles that you can use to increase the quality of all your relationships. You will nuture and grow loving relationships, strengthen secondary relationships & learn to love yourself while developing your inner- love values. Love is at our core. If you put into practice the things Elizabeth Bourgeret inspires within you, you can't help but prosper in a more positive, joyful, happy and satisfying life. If you do not feel you have all the love you need, or are looking to the world to fill that need, you will soon discover that the more you give, the more you can receive because, love begins with you.

Elizabeth Bourgeret is an author, speaker, life coach and award-winning creator of the Total Truth for Teen Workshop and the Leading With Love Series. 

A beach girl at heart, she is constantly trying to out run cold weather as she is happily living out her dream of traveling and writing, stopping in the state of choice to discover all that it has to offer.

She loves teaching workshops, working with kids, helping other authors reach their dreams and creating new stories with vibrant characters that will touch your heart.
She still believes that love conquers all and is on the mission to give away as much as possible as she moves about and interacts with others.

When she’s not behind the computer or in front of an audience, you can usually find her out of doors, near the ocean or some form of water, or embracing her full-on tourist-nerd; visiting any and all tourist traps that catch her attention. A “forever student”, she is always seeking and learning from each and every adventure put in front of her.

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