Sound of Tears in the Rain          

Have you ever read a story, so emotional, so deep, it's like traveling to another world, to another culture where life has little meaning? This story will hook you from the start!  A real pageturner. That story is Sound of Tears in the Rain.

Sound of Tears in the Rain is Bey-Ama’s powerful and heartfelt story about her struggles and survival. It is the compelling chronicle of her life’s journey, which began on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, where she was born. This inspiring story will take you through France and onto the United States of America. Her perseverance, her refusal to give up despite the unseemly odds by having faith in God and her belief in herself gave her the courage to stay strong. As we live our lives from day to day, we often find incredible stories that touch our hearts and open our eyes. Bey-Ama wants to remind readers that there was a time when the rules of life were distorted, especially growing up in Africa in a time era where rules didn’t apply. Her story is about the strength through courage, and survival through fear. Bey-Ama’s story makes you wipe your tears as you smile. Her story should be told, she shares with you her journey in a time that has been forgotten, but has left scars that she will carry a lifetime, one generation will relate to the next as you read, no other story is the same as this. Bey-Ama’s story has your total undivided attention. It’s called Sound of Tears in the Rain.

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