Think of Thinking (Publication Review)

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Ricardo Bernal publishes new self-help guide: Think of Thinking

Think of Thinking is a short guide to life, designed to help people attract success to themselves by thinking of what they want.
“Whatever you want in life, big or small, remember this: the more thought you put into it, the stronger it becomes.”
The author shares that the universe will influence people, situations and conditions to pull all and everything you truly desire to you.  The author has humble beginnings, and shares their knowledge with us.  It’s about taking responsibility and using the power of thought for productivity. 
Recommended for those looking for quick, easy-to-read guides for attracting success.
About the Author
Ricardo Bernal hopes to transform the world with a message of guaranteed health, happiness and success for all. He has overcome the complexities of life and dedicated his life to helping others. He resides in Ione, California.

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